Emergency Plumbing Tips

Useful Emergency Plumbing Tips

Water Damage Is Not a Joke for the Homeowners

Water-related damage causes a loss of millions of dollars for homeowners every single year. 

A sampling of 68 percent of American home insurers found that water-related losses totaled $12.3 billion between 1997 and 2004.

Based on the survey data, the average cost of a water claim in 2004 was $5074, up from $2484 in 1997. 

With the increase in water damage becoming obvious, The Plumbing Works is happy to provide some helpful tips for identifying leaks and major water issues. Contact us today!

Cleaning up After a Leak

  • Turn off all water sources
  • Remove as much water as possible
  • Remove all photos, art, and books
  • Wipe wooden furniture dry
  • Open drawers, cabinets and closets for faster drying

Examine for Water Problems

  • Compare your monthly water bills
  • Look for leaks in the kitchen or bathroom
  • Turn off all appliances and look for leaks
  • Get pipes inspected yearly
  • Use a water pressure gauge to check pressure issues

Call Us for Immediate Assistance

Once you've identified that you have a plumbing issue or you've taken measures to control the leak, call us and we'll make sure your piping issues are handled right away. 

We offer a 30-day guarantee on all work we perform.
Call 541-484-9869 to learn more about our senior discounts! Cash, checks, and major credit cards accepted!
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